Display image

I have an older Cognex camera in one of our robot cells, I cant get live feed from it but every time it aquires an image it puts the last picture as a .jpg on the system computer. Ive tried to display this image and haven’t been successful thus far. Is there a way to display and refresh this .jpeg in an ignition window. everytime the camera takes a new picture I would like to display the new image. On the system drive it always overwrites the old .jpg with the same name.

Thank you.

It seems from what ive read in the help files there should be an image object in the reporting toolbar but I can find any reporting toolbar. Under the reporting tab in the designer there are options for report viewer, row selector, column selector, file explorer and pdf viewer. Under toolbars I only see vision main, shape editing, drawing tools, transaction groups and main toolbar. and I dont see any reporting toolbar under any of these… unless im blind maybe.

Dynamic images in Ignition can only be accomplished through a database. In order for that to work, you’d have to have a way (outside of Ignition) to put the latest JPEG into a database as a BLOB datatype and use Ignition to bring it in that way.

The only other way for this to work would be pointing to the camera’s url and use the IP camera component, but that’s assuming this is an IP camera which supports serving up a feed or the latest jpeg.

OK, what happened with the image feature in reporting toolbar? did it get removed for some reason? seems like the image placeholder which is described in the help files would be really useful. Is there any way you can think of to script this in python based on an event to change the image?

In this case it would be best to use the cameras built-in URLs for JPEG stills. That way you can use the IP camera component and set it to update slowly and it will grab the latest image.