Display KWh Usage (Day, Month, Year) on Bar Charts using Perspective

I need to create Bar Charts to display KWh historical data. We have several Square D PowerLogic meters connected to Ignition via Modbus TCP/IP. I have been collecting raw KWh data in historian, just need to be able to display it something like this;

Can I display a bar chart using the Power Chart? Or, will I need to use a XY Chart?


Hi @John_Krzyzaniak,

The Power Chart in Perspective is designed for pens with potential X Traces, and is configured as a line chart, you unfortunately will not be able to convert it to a Bar Chart.

However, a variant of the XY Chart, the Timeseries chart is a more Tag History friendly variant of it, which supports a bar chart configuration:

Perspective - Time Series Chart - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.

You can utilize the tag history binding to easily show your historical tag data on the chart with a tag history binding:


That'll be kelvin-watt-hours. Make sure you label it 'kWh'.

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