Display legend of chart just besides in the lines

Hello everyone.

Im new here, and I have been looking in the documentation, videos and in this same forum without results...
It is very simple (or not) what I need...
the names of the data appear next to the line, I upload a photo of what I have, and how I would like it to look

At the moment:

How do i need it or something similar:

Thanks in advance

Hi Bastian,

There isn't a set of props to configure on the XY Chart component in Perspective that would get your desired functionality out of the box. If you'd like, you can submit a feature request to our Features and Ideas board here: https://inductiveautomation.canny.io/. Our developers look at that board to get an idea of what our community wants for future updates.

You could look into workarounds involving labels and referencing the first data point of your XY Chart's dataset to place the labels appropriately, although it would involve quite a bit of work.