Display message depending on data register value

We have a customer with a Submersible Pump at his facility in the Oil & Gas industry. His whole location is on SCADA but he has one more request. If the Submersible pump goes down he wants to know why it went down…It displays on the screen of the submersible panel, but he lives 2 hours away and he wants to bring it into the SCADA system as an alarm. We tracked down the way it works…it is just a truth table. Their is 1 specific data register that stores a number in it…*example Data register XYZ has a value of (1) then display message “Sub went down on overload”, Data register XYZ has a value of (2) then display message “Sub went down on High Discharge Pressure”…and so on…it is just 1 data register and each number represents a message but their is about 200 different values associated with a specific message…what would be the best way to accomplish this? We just need to monitor that one specific data register for a value change and then have it display the corresponding message associated with that value.

I would make an expression tag that is a string data type. Using the expression language you can translate the number to the message. Something like this:[code]switch({Path/To/Tag},

“Message 0”,
“Message 1”,
“Message 2”,

“Fallback Message”)[/code]Of course you can have more states. You can then use the new tag on the window as a label. The reason to make an expression tag is so you can use it in multiple places and only have to modify it in one place.