Display Motor Current Variance

What would be the best way to display motor current variance?

I would like to make some sort of display that would show if a motor is running smoothly or not. But I do not want to use a TimeSeries chart. I want something that is easy to read by the artisans.

Is this where a box plot would be useful, or is there a better way? This is kind of reaching into statistics which is not my strong suite

Any ideas?

What I think would be a good idea is to have a graph that shows the amount of times a certain value appears in a certain amount of time and display that

So the Y axis would be the amount of times this value appears and the X axis would be the values

Imagine a scatter plot over time, each dot would be a marble on a track, now if you tilt this track all the marbles would run to the one side, that is the graph I would like to display.

But I don’t know the terms or name of this chart… Is this a heatmap line graph?

That would be a histogram.

…Thanks… I got lost in a wormhole there… There is no built in way of doing this right? You create your data using scripting, correct?

Still a bit of scripting involved, but statsutils should help make it less painful.

I actually enjoy the scripting part a lot, so that’s not an issue.

So I have developed code that does this, but I have a question if you don’t mind

Currently this is a script running on a view, now the way I see it there are three ways of doing this

  1. script the view, so it runs on the session, and if I understand this correctly it means that the information will be processed mostly at the browser side, so each browser does the same calculation

  2. script this at the gateway and store this information in a tag, then the browser simply grabs the data and displays it

  3. script this in SQL and have the gateway pull this info into a tag, so SQL does the processing and the gateway collects and and distributes this data

Will I see big performance differences between the 3? And which would be the most optimal / optimised way of doing this? Do I let SQL do the brunt of the work and “spare” the gateway? Is it fine for each instance tondo this calculation?

All scripting execution happens on the gateway when using Perspective. So part of option 1 is moot. However, every client would still be hitting up the db for information with multiple requests to the gateway for the same information.

If the same information to be displayed, then I would script it and stick it in a tag. If you use a gateway event script, you could put it on its own dedicated thread. Depends how critical the script needs to be. Doing it as a gateway script or as a stored procedure or view in the db I think seems to be more a matter of preference.

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Thank you very much! So permance wise it is either SQL or a gateway script, with no serious difference in performance either way

Nothing noticeable to me, however, others may chime in depending on the scope of their projects. I’m in an assembly plant, so my data is more event driven.

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I appreciate the help, I am in a bakery, so I deal with continuous processes, I’ll see what I can do

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I do recall @pturmel saying something about “letting SQL do the brunt work”