Display Network image file in Perspective

Hi All,

Has anybody been in the scenario to display images from a network folder in Perspective?
We are struggling to display images from folder that is in different server (not ignition gateway). It is ok as long as the images are in the local server (Display local image file in Perspective). But when it is tried to show from a folder network (filesystem) it is not ok.

It seems that one option could be through Webdev module, which provides a simple way to serve out files as static web resources when needed by mounted folders (project resource folder) . However, I am not sure it also includes network folders as mounted folders. If anybody has experience on this, it would be appreciated.

Also, because, currently our installation is not having this module, I wonder which could be the alternatives on this.

Many thanks for any help you can provide.

Browsers make it difficult to include content from multiple servers in a single page. And nearly impossible if one of them is localhost. In practice, the browser needs to see the content as coming from one server. Possibilities:

  • Use a reverse proxy in front of Ignition. Divert selected “folders” to other backends and/or static files. Many free options, and no restrictions on content types.
  • Use the WebDev module to serve directly from Ignition. This can include network folders as long as the gateway service has access to them. Not free.
  • If you can place the files in a database (as binary large objects) instead of a network folder, you can use my free Blob Server module.

Thanks pturmel for your inputs, they have been useful for us. It is appreciated! We wonder whether you or somebody else might have some experience on option 1 (reverse proxy) that can be shared. Many thanks in advance.