Display options for docked windows

I have several windows containing EasyCharts. I would like to display a specific docked window for each window containing an EasyChart. I tried binding the ‘visible’ property of the docked window’s Root Container to the ‘visible’ property on the Root Container of the window with the corresponding EasyChart. However, the property binding seemingly does not allow me to reference a property outside of the root container. I attempted to use an expression {EasyChartWindowName.Root Container.Visible} but the “Path” is incorrrect. Any suggestions?


Binding the visibility of a window is not the right approach. You’ll need to simply open and close the docked window(s) at the appropriate times.

How do I link the selection of the individual Tab Strip tabs to the system.nav.closewindow and system.nav.openwindow commands?


To clarify: I use a tab strip to swap the windows with the EasyCharts.


There are a variety of ways.

  1. You could put a script on the internalFrameActivated/internalFrameClosed events of the windows that the tab strip is swapping in and out of.

  2. You could write a propertyChange script on the tab strip listening for the selectedTab property.

Thanks Carl.Gould.