Display Overlays


I have some alarms set up and are beingdisplayed by a multi state indicator, i have them set up to alarm when a level reaches a certain set point and then when the level is above the set point again i have them set to a reset button so when this button is pressed they go back to an OK State. The problem is when i lose the connection to the tags of the project and it comes back again, the Display Overlay is remaining on these multi state indicators and will only disappear when i press the reset button, this as i am sure you can imagine can being deceiving to the client as when he/she looks at it they are presuming the level is alarming.

Any suggestions as to why this is occurring.

Maybe you could export the window in question and send it to us so we can see more clearly how your bindings are set-up?

Hi Carl,

what email address will i send it to?

support AT inductiveautomation DOT com

I have looked at your screen and it is setup properly. When the connection comes back up again do the tags have bad quality in the SQLTags browser? You can expand the tag in the SQLTags browser to see the Quality meta property. I don’t think it has anything to do with the multi-state buttons or indicators.