Display Path Filter for Alarm Status Table

I have created alarms and want to ensure only a given units alarms so when you click on that given units overview image. My issue is that I am trying to utilize a Display Path Filter, I add my display paths to my alarms as such " "Sensor " + {SensorNumber} + " High Alarm" " . The alarms populate as expected but for some reason I do not see Display Path Filter or Source Filters as filter options. Not sure the case as I have searched everywhere to find this solution and have found nothing. I have found no way to filter my alarms and the only way seems to not want to show up. If anyone has any input on this and could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Firstly, Vision or Perspective?
2ndly, what version Ignition? There was a source filter bug in one of them, can't recall off the top of my head

Where do you not see these options? in the AST in runtime? in the Designer? There are certainly filters for both of these in both Vision and Perspective available in the Designer for both source and display path. Try putting * around your filter terms.

This is a vision program, the version of ignition is 8.1.22.
These options are in the Vision Property Editor for the Alarm Status Table in the designer. My coworker has version 8.1.21 and can see these filters source and display path and this is why I am confused. I am guessing after your comment this might be the bugged update?

Your post isn't super clear, but is it possible that your property filter is just set to 'Basic' instead of 'All'?

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