Display path for history tags

The tags in the history database lose all their metadata (as well as their capitialization :imp: )
I’d like to see a display path name stored with the tag. Alerts have this concept. I have forced the tag tooltip into this role in the past.

It would be great if their were a global display name (with no restrictions on charactersets ie:i18n ) that was saved in the history as well as being available for display in screen, graphs, alerts, etc

Yes, this has been requested a few times. The capitalization issue really gets to people :laughing:

Adding additional information to the table would really be a problem, but we would have to define how it made it’s way through the system. A simple “Display Name” field, which defaulted to the tag name, might be the easiest- it would just be used as the title of the column in the result set. This would solve another outstanding problem with using SQLTags history with the reporting plugin.