Display-scaling issue on Surface Pro tablet

Many of our tablet users complain about the text being too small in ignition. I can set the Windows scaling setting to 300% and it looks much better to them, but any time they log out and log back in, ignition seems to forget or ignore the scaling, reverting back to a default resolution while every other program remains large.

If I set the Windows scaling setting to 100% and log off/log in, and then set the Windows scaling to 300%, all of ignitions components will be very large. If I log off/log in when the Windows scaling setting is 300%, ignition reverts to its default resolution, which is smaller than our users want it to be on their tablets.

Is there a way to save ignition’s resolution after going from 100% scaling to 300% scaling? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What version of Java are you using? The DPI-aware nature of Swing is entirely up to Java, and out of our hands (though there are some tweaks you can do) but Java 9 should handle things better.

Was using Java 8. Java 10 works perfectly. Thank you!