Display time on X axis on XYChart


I am trying to figure out how to use the XYChart, and now im getting it to print the values as i want it to do. But on the X-asis, its a mess.

Anyone know how to fix this? Also i want it to display in the time format 20:50, not with "PM".

please check your XYChart's property

PROPS.xAxes[0].date.format = "HH:mm:ss"


Do you mean this setting? If so, its in the correct format... :confused:

I removed the "a", and then it worked.

But i want a little more space inbetween, is that possible? It looks great in the preview in the designer, but on the website it looks like this:

your website's width too short.
maybe you can zoom out your XYChart's width
and set

PROPS.xAxes[0].appearance.font.size = {your text size}

hope can help you