Displaying dense data in the Bar Chart of Reporting module

System info: Ignition 7.5.3 and Reporting module 1.5.0

I am using the Graph component (Bar chart) in the reporting module to display a time series that is a bit dense (e.g. a value each 2-3 minutes). I am using it to display durations in seconds as bars. My problem is that the Graph component does not show all values. Is there a reason for that? In addition to that the time stamps do not appear. Is there a way to show such dense data using the chart components in the reporting module?

As a comparison I used the Easy Chart in the Vision module with the renderer “XY Bar Renderer” to show the same data and that works perfectly. The chart shows very thin bars for each time stamp.

Thanks for your help.

The bar chart component in the reporting module limits the number of bars to 5 by default. You can increase that number in the report designer when you select the bar chart. It is a setting on the right hand side near the bottom: most recent x number.

That worked great!
Also related to the Graph component in the reporting module, is it possible to add a domain axis (Y axis) labels which is the time stamp in my case. Is it also possible to add a label to the Range axis such as seconds, etc.


No, the Y-Axis is fixed to a number and the X-Axis is fixed to a date in the line graph component.