Displaying Images using HTML in project/reporting plugin

Once again I have rather specific inquiry. I was wondering if there is a way I can display an image from a website in the reporting plugin. In the regular design environment, I noticed I can make a given label’s text equal to “” and have it display the image. Is there anyway I can do this in the reporting plugin? I have a separate service dynamically generating images for our website and thought it would be rather useful if I could somehow display them in the reporting plugin.


I should add that I am looking into this because it seems that the dataset fields for the Line Graph component must be hard coded. I am looking for a way to create a graph while dynamically specifying the fields. If I can somehow display an image from the web in the reporting plugin, my problem will be solved.

Yes, you can. Add an “image placeholder” onto the report, and bind its key to something that represents the URL to the image you wish to display.

For instance, you could add a new String dynamic property to the report called “imageURL”, bind the image placeholder component’s key to “imageURL” and set the value of the “imageURL” property to an image address (something.com/myimage.jpg)