Displaying information from a network folder

Greetings, I apologize if this has been asked/answered before perhaps I have just failed in the “Search” department, but I did not find an answer to my search. We currently use a disastrous set up of chrome casting computers throughout our facility to display company messages and information to employees. Is it possible to have ignition read and display this information instead, assuming we have a smart-TV with browser capabilities of course. Typically it is someone within our HR department who changes out the information through a series of power point slides, however if we could just have a network location that is dedicated and convert messages to photos/pdf or leave in power point would be fine, just wondering if the capability is there with ignition to make this easier, and less wire-some? Thank you all kindly, again I apologize if this has been asked before.

Ignition has the ability to grab a screen capture, convert it to a BLOB, insert into a database, and also has the send message to all clients function. If this sounds like it might fit, I will give more detail