Displaying Metadata For a Tag in a Template

I have a template I’m trying to build using the standard numeric display from the toolbox. In the graphic, I’m trying to display the process variable along with the engr. units. When I try to bind the units field of the display to the engr. units dot field of a UDT, I get the following error:

“You must choose a bound property in the tree.”

I’m able to do this if I bind directly to the “.EngUnit” dot field of a tag.

I have attached a couple screenshots of what exactly I’m looking at as far as the binding properties go. One showing the path to the “.EngUnit” dot field in the template I’m trying to build and the other is binded directly to the tag.

Right now you cannot reference meta properties of tags inside of UDTs. However, rather than binding to a property trying to use the eng unit you can bind to an indirect tag. The indirect tag will look like:


where you link the {1} reference to the UDT properites TagPath under the meta folder. Let us know if you have any problems.