Displaying Minutes in Reporting instead of seconds

In the reporting module I’m using a tag history query with value duration on in seconds to populate a bar chart.

I want to show the values in minutes, not seconds.

What is the simplest way to accomplish this?




This should have what you’re looking for.

That was actually useful for something else, but it seems like its not applicable to the bar chart since its key is not specified using @DataKey@

I’m still looking for a solution.


I would look into script data sources.

User manual documentation

@b_zacht I’ve actually been over that page like 20 times in the last 20 hours but it didn’t occur to me what to do with it. Thanks for your advice, it helped me fix my issue.

One small tip I can give to others is that you also have to take the t_stamp column otherwise the bar graph will not show up properly, the first value would be put on the X axis instead of being a bar. That is why I’m not doing this in a loop.


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