Displaying part of another project in a different project through an Iframe considerations or alternatives:

So I have a CMMS (centralized maintenance management system) done up in ignition. It’s nice and starting to see a lot of users. The chief complaint is: That they have to navigate away from whatever page/project they’re in and get into the “CMMS” project… Even if its as simple as switching tabs -_-

But, fair enough. So the time has come to add this to my other projects. The ability to add, view, edit and disposition these maint. requests from all projects. In some way or another. What jumps out as the easiest thing to do is just make an additional screen or pop-up that lands on a page inside the CMMS project. But does it pass user credentials between the two? How does all that work? I am trying to do some reading on it. But, I can’t find much to explain the behavior of this thing aside from HTML stuff. I have no web dev experience aside from perspective. If you could call that experience.

Or make a set of additional screens for all the other projects to interact with DB. There is a ton of work in my original CMMS project. It looks and functions well. But, it was one of my first projects and as such, there is a lot of goofy stuff going on in there. Think lots of screens with form pages with dropdowns bound to queries based on the previous page and whatnot. I would love to just re-build it…

Consider moving the views in question into an inheritable project and having the CMMS project and your other projects reference that.

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