Displaying PDF from Gateway File in Vision

I'd like to display a PDF file that's saved on the gateway computer on a Vision window. My first thought was to use the PDF Viewer from the Reporting Module, but that only seems to take file paths from the client computer, not the gateway computer. Is there a way to display a PDF that's hosted on the gateway?

My gateway is a Linux machine, so the path I want to use is:

But that doesn't display anything. I noticed I can use a path on my client PC:

I think I could get it to display by saving the pdf as a blob in a database and running a script to load it on startup, but I feel like a better solution exists.

Any ideas or workarounds?

Ignition v8.1.27

Use system.util.sendRequest() from the Vision client to have a gateway message handler read the file and return the bytes. Then set the bytes on the PDF viewer (without using the URL).