Displaying PowerTable Contents in Easy Chart

I’d like to use the contents of this Power Table to drive the pens for the easy chart shown below (3 pens for Num1, Num2, and Num3 plotted against the date/time). Basically just plot whatever is shown on the Power Table. I would think there’s an easy solution here but I just haven’t had success at first glance. Thanks!

Don’t use an easy chart. Use the ‘classic’ chart, and (if needed) wire it up to a date range slider yourself. The easy chart doesn’t support directly handing in data, so at best you’d end up running twice as many history queries as needed.

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Thanks for verifying I can’t directly hand data to an Easy Chart. I’ve explored the ‘classic’ chart route as well…I migrated back to the Easy Chart to add some ‘Calculated’ pens to the mix for some additional calculations (for instance, plotting the average). Is it possible to hand a ‘classic’ chart some data, and also plot some calculated values (like the average) on the same chart?

I’ve also considered looking at storing the visible PowerTable data in a dataset tag…but I haven’t spent any time looking into the feasibility of something like that.

You can just bind a data property of the classic chart to the data property of the power table. Then, in the configureChart method, add range markers:

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You might also find the view() function of the (free) Simulation Aids module useful. (:

Thank you pturmel, this is exactly what I needed to add to my chart configuration!