Displaying Scaled Value

This is probably a very simple question but I am brand new to ignition and can’t figure out how to do something that should be very straight forward.

I am trying to display the scaled value of a numeric lablel from a plc. It is an integer from a PLC that I want to basically divide by 10 ie:raw is 0-1000 scaled is 0-100. I can display the .value number no problem but in the SQL editor I don’t see where I can select the scaled value.

If you’d like to always use it in Ignition as a scaled value you can open the tag, choose ‘Numeric’ from the left side and turn scaling on. For what you’d like to do that would be
Scale mode - linear and your raw/scaled values.

If you want to use that as its base tag somewhere, and simply display it as a value / 10, go to the binding on the label, change it from tag to expression and append /10 to it.

Thank you. I knew it would be something simple I just got tunnel vision I guess. I entered the scale that I wanted but never turned the scaling On.

Thanks for your help, I hope my next question isn’t quite so obvious.