DIsplaying Siemens tags from S7-1200 in Ignition

We currently have a S7-1200 set in place that collects data for machines. I didn't set this up and wasn't sure of the scheme set. We got sent a plc tag list of different tags and their logical address. I am trying to gather this data in Designer but it either comes back as an error or zero.

Here are a few tags I am trying to get:

|Path|Data Type|Logical Address|
|Default tag table|Bool|%M0.0|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW2|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW4|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW6|
|Default tag table|Bool|%M0.1|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW8|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW10|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW12|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW14|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW16|
|Default tag table|Int|%MW18|
|Default tag table|Date|%MW20|
|Default tag table|Time_Of_Day|%MD24|
|Default tag table|Time_Of_Day|%MD28|
|Default tag table|Real|%MD32|
|Default tag table|Real|%MD36|

I have tried entering [name]Mw2 and it comes back zero. I know there is data based on the dashboard.

Will show the proper siemens tag addressing.

Thanks, I have seen that. I am not sure how to use that with my table though.

I don't see MD or MW?

M is the area, D and W are data types.

Thank you. Is there a data type that translates from Siemen's 'real' to Ignition?

The Ignition tag type would be Float.