Displaying Weather Radar in Perspective View

I’m working to provide weather information in a Perspective View. I have figured out how to pull the current condition and forecast data from weather.gov. One ask that I am working on is to display weather radar for the local area. I’m not finding any information on how to accomplish this here or on the larger inter-web (:slight_smile:). I’d like to be able to embed a radar map of the area in a view (a popup would be preferred). If that is not possible then I guess I could simply open a new browser tab and navigate to the NWS radar page for the area.

Has anyone done something like this?
Any suggestion on embedding this in a popup or main view?


I’d recommend looking into using the Iframe component, but it’s very hit-or-miss with what sites allow for use in an Iframe.

I don’t know of any examples off-hand, but you could also look for third-party sites which generate images of weather maps for a given area. A timer script to update the displayed image is easy, so if you can find a way to get just the latest image of a weather map to display every five or ten seconds, this solution should be simple and not as bandwidth-intensive as actually displaying a realtime weather map.

Here’s a link describing how to download the radar images from NOAA:

Also, on the page that displays the radar, you can click a link toward the top that says ‘Standard Version’. This takes you to a page that displays a single .PNG. It looks a little different than the standard radar, but it’s simpler to work with. You can use the url to the image file as your link. It’s a static link; the file will be updated on NOAAs end periodically. The link for my area looks like this: https://radar.weather.gov/lite/N0R/UEX_0.png and shows this:

I don’t know how you work any of that into Perspective; I haven’t played with it yet. But hopefully it will help with the data source portion :slight_smile: