Displaying webm files in Perspective?

We are building a library of webm format training videos and we need a way to display them in Perspective. We don’t want to upload them to a third party site (like youtube) if possible.

I have tried several things but it seems like using the Video Player and WebDev module would be the right answer but I can’t figure out how to get a video from the WebDev mounted folder into the Video Player component.

Any ideas?

What have you tried?

Feeding the URL of a hosted video into the video player’s “source” property should be all that is needed.

For Video Player, I’ve tried with both mpg and webm formats:
(that is right-click on mounted folder under WebDev, ‘Copy Mounted Path’) + ‘/filename’

I also tried /Training/OGScaleShakerSensorProblem.mpg
(that is right-click on mounted folder under WebDev, ‘Copy Path’) + ‘/filename’

Also tried “http://[our-gateway-name]:8088/system/webdev/Training/Training/OGScaleShakerSensorProblem.mpg”
since the mounted folder (called “Training”) is in the project called “Training”

All of the above permutations give the same error (Error Loading Media: File not valid)

I also tried uploading to Youtube and using an iframe with the link:
- YouTube
and I just a moment ago figured out that there is a special Youtube link for embedding (“YouTube”) and that works with the iframe, but again, we really don’t want to use Youtube.

I don’t know, it worked perfectly well for me using a test .webm file from here and a mounted resource folder.

If you just put the WebDev URL to one of your videos straight into the browser what happens?

It works. :slight_smile:
I was using the trial license of WebDev and even though I restarted it after the most recent timeout, and even though it said “Running” on the gateway status, I had to save my project again before the resource became available via web browser. It was just showing File not Found.

Then mpg file downloaded when I typed the link into a browser. But then it still didn’t work in the Video Player component inside the Designer. It still gave the same File not valid error.

It turns out that was a problem with the mpg codec I guess. I moved the webm back into that directory and pointed the Video Player at it and now it works.

So the answer was: If using the WebDev on trial, save project again after restarting module. And don’t use mpg, use webm for Perspective VideoPlayer.