Distribute project resources

How should project resources be managed in AEM architecture?

If the system consists of a central gateway and many local gateways or edge devices. How should templates be handled? If you change a view centrally, it should also take effect on the edge.

Is the only option to send out views via AEM? Or can an inheritance project run by a central gateway be inherited by another gateway?

Does AEM mean EAM, as in our Enterprise Administration Module, or is that an acronym I’m not familiar with?

For now, you will have to ‘push’ changes from one gateway to another; you can do this via EAM’s send project/send project resources tasks. You could theoretically automate this (by combining a project update script with system.eam.runTask - but your mileage may vary; setting it up on a schedule may be simpler.

No. At some future date, we’d like to revisit how this aspect of things works, with better support for development vs production gateways, multi-gateway architectures, etc - but it’s a ways off, and details are fuzzy.