Distribution Lists

We are currently doing distribution lists in FSQL. We have expressions set up similar to this:

How is this going to be done in Ignition? I cannot find a distribution list customizer or place to enter your pass expressions. Is this something that is on a list to be done? I get parsing errors when trying to run my old list on Ignition I think due to {[SEVERITY]} and {[GROUP_NAME]}. Let me know. Short term can you give an explanation of what can be referenced and how in the expression box?


So, a few things:

  1. The editor for distribution groups is on the TODO list. Right now it’s main goal is backwards compatibility.
  2. All of the variables from FSQL should be available, but there’s a bit of a problem in that the Ignition alert system doesn’t have exactly the same alert structure. That is, there’s no longer a “group name”, “item name”, and a few others. Instead, there’s an “item path”, and a user settable “display path”. So, while all of the variables are available, they may not work exactly like in FSQL.
  3. Due to the different parsing engines, there are some small variations that we need to work out. You already noticed one in a different thread with the difference in item reference parsing, in this case it is likely just case sensitivity- the “like” keyword apparently needs to be lower case in Ignition.

Here’s a list of the currently available variables:

These variables are still recognized, but return different values than in FSQL:
DATE - returns full date/time
ITEM_UNITS - not available, returns nothing.
ITEM_NAME - returns item path.
GROUP_NAME - returns item path.
FOLDER_PATH - returns item path.
PREVIOUS_VALUE - not available, returns nothing.

Have there been any updates or “work-arounds” for this?

I would like to bind tag alarms to a certain distribution groups based on group name.

7.3 will bring greatly improved alerting capabilities, including much better control over what alert notifications go to who, when, where etc.

What exactly is STATE_NAME and ITEM_PATH in the alert notification properties. I’ve used the GROUP_NAME in FSQL which no longer works in Ignition:|

The state name is the name of the alert, if digital, or the analog state. That is, the “name” box on the alert configuration screen.

Item path is the full path to the item. Either the full SQLTags path, if a tag, or the name of the group and then the item name, if it’s a group item.

Thanks, that is what I was assuming but wanted to make certain.