Divider lines between cells in Reporting Designer tables

I have reports that I create that are only partially filled in by the database. They are printed off and passed around to different departmens to finish the data entry. Currently, they do not want to change or automate this practice. I have used the line component to get around this limitation of not having squares for them to fill in or check before, but it would be great if I could just turn on the table grid lines. Perhaps that would be possible in a future release?


You should just be able to put a 1px black border around the table detail row.

Do I need to use the rectangle tool to create that border, or is there a better method?

Just to check if I am already doing it the way you had in mind, I selected the table row, then set the “Stroke” to 1 px solid line. I am then using the line tool to create a horizonal break between columns in the table.

Yeah, I think thats the best way to do it right now. It might be a possibility to add an easier ‘grid line’ feature for structured rows in the future.