DNP3 Driver Device Connection - Intermittent Analog Point Connection

Hi All,

I currently have a DNP3 Driver Device that I'm reading analog points from. The data is coming through, but the analog points are receiving a bad quality every second. I'm not sure what's wrong as the binary points don't have issues. I have the same settings as another project which does not experience this issue.

Any troubleshooting advice would be helpful, thanks!

Any chance you can get a Wireshark capture?

Hi Kevin,

I have wireshark installed however I'm unsure how to get the correct capture? Do you know what I should be using to get this information?

It needs to be installed and run on the same computer as the Ignition Gateway.

You would select the network adapter that the traffic to the DNP3 device is using and then hit record. If the analog points are really receiving updates every second then the capture only needs to be a few seconds long.

You can upload the capture here. If you can't get it working then give support a call tomorrow and they can walk you through it.