DNP3 driver device count limitation


I need to define about 3000 DNP3 devices and wonder if there is any device limitation in ignition?
Also what is the best method to create mass DNP3 devices? Instead of manually of defining each dnp3 device in gateway.
For example in kepware I define my device in csv format and simply import it in kepware.


You can use system.device.addDevice to create DNP3 devices, just remember to also system.device.removeDevice first if you’re trying to update an existing device. When I’m adding large numbers of devices I typically create a CSV file with my device data in it and use a script outside ignition to generate the correct python code to be run in Ignition. Then I just open the script terminal and copy that code in.

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Thanks. Do you any limitations of how many device I can define in gateway?
Is 3000 dnp3 ok?

There’s no hard-coded limit to the number of devices in Ignition. I’m not familiar with the DNP3 driver, so I can’t forecast the CPU load, but you can expect to need many CPU cores to handle all the threads those drivers will spawn.