DNP3 Driver Module Connection Issues

Running 7.9.13 Ignition SCADA that currently has 17 DNP3 devices (more on the way) in a plant substation. There are also other drivers on this SCADA.

Once all of the 17 devices get connected, it’s rock solid. Data all good, access times good.

However, if we ever have to bump Ignition, we’re lucky if it comes back up with 25% of the DNP3 devices connected. What I’ve typically done is restart the DNP3 module and/or disable/enable (usually many times) the individual devices until they show “connected.” Any other indication “connecting” or “reconnecting”, from what I can tell, means “it’s not connected, and it will stay this way until you do something else.”

I’m no DNP3 expert, so I may be missing something. Anyone have experience/advice on this?

If you haven’t already, open a ticket with support and start collecting Wireshark captures when you’re stuck in “reconnecting” and doing edit/saves to get it back.

I’d avoid restarting the whole module and try to stick to just edit/saving devices.

I think we’re actively working on a couple DNP3 bugs right now, so this might be related and more info (captures) could help.

Thanks, Kevin. Will do.

DId you have any luck resolving this? I am running into the same issue, with Ignition 7.9.14.

Honestly, no. I have found this to be rather unpredictable to reproduce. As a general rule, what I find is that devices show “connected” (whatever that really means) and tags all good quality once the devices get talking. Rock solid.

However, if you have to restart the gateway, it’s anybody’s guess whether they will come back up talking. The last time I restarted the gateway, everything came back showing “connected” but no device was really talking. Seems like I have to disable all DNP3 devices, wait for a while (15-30 min.), then re-enable each device.

I tried to re-produce this when I had a support case open and, of course, everything worked perfectly.

I should have gotten a wireshark capture this last time, but as that goes, the focus shifts just to getting things talking again. I will try to remember to get a trace next time this happens.

I’m running into the same problem here. If a DNP3 device restarts, it can take 10 minutes for Ignition to reconnect to it. Can anyone from IA talk to what is actually happening during this process? Are there any delay timers that aren’t exposed to us in the settings?