DNP3 Driver / Tag Group Queue Size

When setting the Queue Size property in a tag group that will be assigned to any tags associated with devices using the DNP3 driver, is the Queue Size on a per-tag basis or for the entirety of that tag group? For example, if I have 100 DNP3 tags that are all changing values and connectivity with the Ignition Gateway is lost, would a Queue Size of 5 store the last 5 events per tag or 5 events for the entire tag group?

It’s per tag, but configured at a group level.

Also FWIW Queue Size is a generic OPC UA concept that works with any OPC tag from any OPC UA Server, but it’s particularly useful with OPC tags from our DNP3 driver because instead of using some kind of replay mechanism in the driver when receiving events we just assume MonitoredItems were created with an appropriate Queue Size if the client cares about more than the current value.