DNP3 float tag without decimals

I’m working on an application using an M580 with the NOR module for DNP3 implementation. I have to get all the data into Ignition using the DNP3 protocol but I’m having some problems with the communication.
I’m getting the data from the M580, but for some reason all the analog floating values are interpreted as integers, thus no decimal values are shown. I’ve changed the default value types in the device settings to Float and checked that the configuration of the points is group 40 or 30 and variation 3, but the data is still only integer.
Has someone experienced this before?

Try to add 0.000 to the tag value and see what happens.

This sounds a lot like a bug that was fixed and will be released with 7.9.10.

Thanks for the replys! Managed to solve the decimal visualization problem, though I’m still having problems with writing to the M580. Every value that has decimals is being truncated and written to the PLC as an integer. For example, if I write 3.35 to a tag, Ignition writes a 3 to the variable in the M580.
@Kevin.Herron what was the bug fixed in 7.9.10. Also, when is 7.9.10 released?

There’s a related ticket for this too but it looks like it’s still open.

Not sure, I’ll ask around. I suspect it’s a little while out since the conference is coming up soon.

Was this resolved? I’m in 8.1.19 and dealing with my first DNP3 device. The floats are coming in as integers, even tho the variation is set to 3.

If I change the default to float and restart the ignition device I can get the decimal. But just changing the opc item path does not help switch between float and decimal.