DNP3 integrity poll not working after initial integrity poll

When I setup a DNP3 driver everything seems to work fine after the initial integrity poll and the live values also works fine. The DNP3 driver won't pull the Class1-3 events from the devices besides on the initial integrity poll. Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?

You didn't really miss anything, we just made some poor implementation choices with this driver and it doesn't operate like most people would expect.

If you want events to come in, instead of static points to be polled, then you need to enable unsolicited messaging. If your device doesn't support it then you can only get the static/real-time points values.

There's a new version of the DNP3 driver in the works that I'm hoping will be ready in Q1 next year that addresses some of the problems with the current version, one of which is that the primary means of data acquisition will be class-based polling.

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