DNP3 - Is it able to log 15min data

Hi all

I have a general question regarding the DNP3 protocol - Im getting conflicting information and hope to get some guidance

We have RTUs out there using DNP3 comms and they are able to log a value every 15min and report to the master as and when - if the RTUS lose signal then that isnt a problem as they are able to backfill that data when comms are re-gained - this is what we want - I think these RTUS are essentially using time as an event

The issue we have is that we also have another larger more expensive and capable RTU which can do WITS DNP3 and is able to log 15min values in WITS however it is unable to log 15min values in plain DNP3 at all

Ive been told that DNP3 doesnt have the concept of logging in its standard however I gather the work around is to have an event based on time as above

Is this correct??? Any advise would be great

Thanks all