DNP3 port 20000 for incoming connections

I'm new to ignition so apologies if this is a dumb question.

We need to use DNP3 with unsolicited events as our remote devices are not on fixed IP addresses so we are reliant on them to initiate the connection.

Using netstat -an on the gateway machine I can't see port 20000 listed as listening so figure I must be missing something. Grateful for any advice on this?


What you're describing is called "dual endpoint" in the DNP3 spec, or reverse connect, and it's not supported by our driver. Our driver only supports initiating connections.

It's not related to unsolicited messaging at all.

Ouch, that's going to be a major headache for us. Do you know if there are any alternative modules/drivers we can use that will allow dual endpoint?

You could get in touch with Kepware and see if they support it. I'm not seeing anything in a quick scan of their DNP3 driver manual, but I might be missing something.

Or maybe there's some kind of dynamic DNS service you can use with these devices that would give Ignition a stable endpoint address to connect to.

Thanks Kevin, I'll go do some digging to see what I can find.

@martin200261 one of the things about dual endpoint in the DNP3 spec is that it's relatively poorly defined.

For example, in your case with the IP addresses of the remote devices constantly changing, and the Ignition gateway listening on a single port, how would you propose that the remote devices are:

  1. identified, from one device to the next
  2. authenticated or otherwise determined to be allowed to connected