DNP3 scadapack reading fail


I have troubles with getting data through dnp3 communication with scadapack 357.
OPC UA status connected.
DNP3 driver status connected.
I can read points from PLC via ignition Quick Client, but data quality is BAD.
Kepserver using same settings can provide values of points.

Fragment of log:
[d.dnp3 ] [06:45:18]: Outstation indicated OBJECT_UNKNOWN when reading conformance level.

How i can diagnos problem and fix it? Sorry for my English =)

What version of Ignition are you using?

I think later versions should handle when a device doesn’t support reading the conformance level.

7.9.9 with trial licensing. we examine whether the kepware replaced by Ignition DNP3 driver for DNP3 communication

If you can get a Wireshark capture of the traffic between Ignition and the device while you try to read that would help.

If you need assistance with that you can call into support and they can help you out.

Thanks, for your reply. Problem of bad quality of data is solved by decreasing integrity poll.


I’m working with a SCADAPack 32P and I am having issues getting Ignition to talk correctly. We are also currently using Kepware/ArchestrA and the system in place is working, but cannot get Ignition to talk consistently. Do you have any recommendations? I’m also curious about your OPC Server and Device configurations. Thank you so much!

Я работаю с SCADAPack 32P, и у меня проблемы настроить Ignition говорить правильно. В настоящее время мы также используем Kepware / ArchestrA и система на месте работает, но не можем заставить Ignition говорить правильно. У вас есть для меня какой-нибудь совет? Мне также интересно о ваших конфигурациях OPC Server и устройств (Devices). Спасиб болшое!

Я могу говорить по-русски, но я пару лет из практики.