DNP3 Unsolicited Events Error

Sorry to jump in so late, but I’ve been testing this inhouse for the last few days as our customer is requesting this functionality.
I have been using a MicroLogix 1400 for testing and managed to get it working for analogue tags but not for counters.
Counters report an error in the ignition log as “Error decoding unsolicited response: Unexpected g22v1” which is the DNP3 object being sent but analogs which are sent as g32v4 are being decoded correctly. Neither object appear as supported objects in the help documentation
Appreciate any help

Do you think you can get a Wireshark capture of this and send it to us?

Hi Kevin
I’ve attached it to a support ticket #130310, please let me know if you need more debug info.

Thanks. I just wanted to verify my assumptions and attach this to the ticket I opened yesterday. Unfortunately it’s just a bug in the driver and we’ll have to get a fix out ASAP. Disabling unsolicited messaging would be your only workaround for now.

Thanks for the quick response. The problem I’ve noticed with Disabling unsolicited messaging, is that the event buffering doesn’t work when enabled