Do Ignition upgrades change the user-lib?

Do Ignition upgrades change the user-lib? I have multiple plants which we just upgraded and the user-lib lost some pylib modules at some of them.

The user-lib you get from the base install is wiped when you restore a gateway backup; that is, whatever is in the gateway backup "wins".

Ok, so is that true for upgrades where I don't need to restore?

The installer should not touch the user-lib/pylib directory. A properly executed .zip install (see the README in whatever version you're using) also doesn't touch user-lib/pylib.

So, either A: it's a bug, or B: someone or something other than Ignition touched these files.

I may have spoken too soon. We're doing some investigating internally to make sure that we're doing the thing we expect, and that the behavior hasn't changed inadvertently in some recent release.

@CloudChris, can you confirm which version(s) you were upgrading from and to? And what mechanism you used to upgrade (the installer, the zip?)

We went from 8.1.19 to 8.1.26 on all sites. We used an EAM agent to send the upgrade file and run it.