[DOC-849] Cannot execute binary file:Exec format error

Raspberry Pi4 64-bit o/s 4gb memory

Java jdk v11

after I execute sudo ./ignition-8.1.16-linux-64-installer.run

I get

./install.sh: line 155: runtime/bin/./java: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

You need the ARM version of Ignition for RPi. The installer you have is for x64 architecture.

I am running Pi4 64-bit architecture (PiOS 64 bit)
Can you give me a link to where you speak of?

Scroll down to the ARM installers

So, is this the one I need for my 64-bit Pi4?
[Ignition - Linux AARCH64 zip (1422.930666923523MB)]
And will I have problems with JDK 11 installed?

Yes, the aarch64 is the one you need (you can verify by running uname -a as pictured below). It comes bundled with the JRE 11 that it needs, so shouldn’t have any other requirements. Also, fwiw, you can also deploy our official Docker Image to aarch64 now as well, in the event you end up exploring that.

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I’m not a Linux head and I’m very confused about rpm, .run, etc.

I want to install/run (not headless) ignition on my Raspberry Pi4 (64-bit O/S) w/Chromium or Firefox

I have downloaded and unzipped Ignition-linux-aarch64-8.1.7.zip and run the command:
Run ./ignition.sh start with no errors according to the README file.

Now what do I do? It looks like I only started a gateway, but where’s the install app as per

Where do I go (link wold be appreciated) to get the FULL step-by-step installation procedure for the version I have downloaded?

VERY discouraged after an all-day ordeal and it’s still not working. Seems to me Inductive’s website is not very intuitive, course now, it probably is, and I just don’t know what I’m Doing!

Ignition installs in just three minutes and runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

On the webpage docs: Installing and Upgrading Ignition - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation
Step 2. Where does that screen come from?
If i type sudo ./ignition.sh install, all I get is a gateway started.

Many thanks in advance

Unfortunately, the Designer (the tool that is used to develop Ignition applications) is not yet supported on 64-bit ARM architectures such as the one on your Raspberry Pi. The gateway will run without issue and you’ll also be able to open Perspective applications running on that Pi gateway on Chromium using the Raspberry Pi Desktop (although at that point you’d probably want to be looking at the 8GB RAM version, also with as fast an SD card as possible).

You’ll need to run the Designer on an Intel-based Linux/macOS/Windows system though to develop those applications. You should be able to connect to the gateway (http://\<ip address of your pi\>:8088) and download the Designer Launcher installer from the home page.

Can you tell me WHERE on your inductive automation website, what you just told me is located?

Unfortunately, you happened to end up with just about the least user friendly way to get started by pure bad luck.

Let’s back up a step.

When you download Ignition, you can either download a bundle, platform specific installer, or a ZIP file. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations beyond our control, it is not possible (at the moment) for us to provide an installer that works on ARM architecture processors like the one in the Raspberry Pi. Luckily, there’s a fallback; the “zip install” process you already went through. Once you ./ignition.sh install - that’s it, you’ve got a gateway. That is the core of Ignition. The gateway is basically just a webserver with a lot of trimmings on top.

Now, your next step would be (as Kevin noted) to get the Designer, which is your actual entry point into significant configuration of your gateway. Again, for technical reasons, we can’t offer this directly on the Pi, but you can take the laptop or desktop you’re already using (as long as it supports the x64 architecture, which is the vast majority of end user devices) and connect to yourRaspberryPi on whatever port the gateway is running on (by default, 8088). This will bring up your gateway’s homepage, which will have a ‘Download Designer Launcher’ button. Download that, connect the designer launcher to the same gateway, and you can launch the designer against your Pi.

If you’re choosing to develop in Perspective, once you have created something in the designer, you will be able to use it in a web browser on the Pi - it’s just that the designer experience requires certain technologies that don’t currently run on ARM.

first, thks for your response, but if I knew all of this BEFORE spending more than a day on my own trying to get pi4 to be my development platform, i wouldn’t have wasted my time!

second, your response still didn’t answer my question… Can you tell me WHERE on your inductive automation website, what you just told me is located?\

third, if I knew in advance that I’d have to have a split system (HMI designer on windows, the gateway on Pi4, I’d have installed it ALL ON WINDOWS!

That’s a fair point. I agree with you, we should be more clear about this limitation. I’ll contact the appropriate people to make this more clear.

You are certainly welcome to do so; we’d definitely like you to give Ignition a try, and hopefully you’ll like it. The Pi is great as a self contained mini-server, which can be an advantage for a fully deployed Maker solution - you can easily power cycle, know that your main hardware isn’t relevant, etc, but it does have this one big drawback.

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