Docked Navigation window width scaling issues 4K monitor

Hello all, I’m trying to set up an Ignition project for a 55" touchscreen 4K monitor, and I’m running into some issues with scaling from the designer to the monitor! I did some reading around the forums and there have been similar issues, but I figured this type of application (and so these types of issues) will only become more common.

The immediate problem I am experiencing is: my Navigation window (docked West) will not get any wider. It seems I’ve tried every combination of layout + changing the actual window size, and yet the docked window does not get any wider.

Currently, I have it Anchored Top, Left, and Bottom, which gives me a navigation window that is just too skinny, regardless of how wide I make the window in the designer.

I may simultaneously be battling the good ol’ Windows 10/Java high DPI scaling behavior as well, because a push button component, as well as the default menu bar, seem much too small. I wouldn’t think that to be the reason I can’t get the Nav window to maintain the desired width, but I also wonder if the problems are related, or if I need to go through and do the “dpiaware = false” fix I’ve seen elsewhere.

Any comments or suggestions on this, or working with ignition Clients in large 4K screens, are appreciated!