Docked View can't be hidden


Ignition v.8.1.17

My Docked window can’t be hidden
Is this a bug?

Actually, it opens autmatically… so… as You can see, there’s a button, which opens this docked window…

…and when I push on it, the screen looks like (Docked window goes on docked window…):

Docked Window Properties:

I will be grateful if somebody can help me.
Thanx in Advance!

Do you maybe have that same view embedded in whatever it is we see in the background ?

I just Upgrated the Ignition from 8.1.9 to 8.1.17 and I get this issue…
The normal view of this page is (The Docked View is hidden):

Dear Moderators delete this post topic please.

I found the bug) I did some weird stuff during creation of this page, so some artifacts are still there)

sorry for disturbing

Please don’t. @iscrac, please share what the problem was so future searches of the forum show what you encountered and how it was fixed. That is how a volunteer community helps each other.

oh… it was problem made by my hands))) not so special… really) let moderators delete it please)))) :nerd_face:

We’ve all been there. But whatever. :roll_eyes:

:upside_down_face:okay! just for You:
ViewCanvas element was pasted on the page, but the basis of this Canvas was set to ‘0px’, but somehow it was shown on the page no matter what) on the older version of Ignition this element is hidden, but not in the new one… so…

Called it !


yes, but why it was shown? the basis was set to ‘0px’…
it’s like a mistery) If to be honest, every time when I upgrade Ignition I am affraid what will happen next time…
The big trouble in new Version of Ignition is bounded with Table’s AttributesData… some types (especially java.lang.Locale) are not supported in tag’s Dataset Type, so I spent my time of thinking about the new solution of presenting data to the Table… We have an interactive Table for e-mails and SMS messages, so we use AttributesData so hard)))

But… I found the solution at all…
sorry for my cries here, but I have to tell somebody about it)))

And this is helpful. Thank you. And it doesn’t hurt to vent at IA a bit here and there. :grin:


:smiling_imp: oh yeah))))

A basis of 0px is not going to make it invisible. Any content within is still going to overflow the boundaries. The only way to stop content from being visible outside of the bounds is to toggle the meta.visible or meta.display props (depending on container type) or to manage the style.overflow property.

Thanx for Your answer! Get it! :handshake: