Docked view not visible - Perspective Menu Navigation Project from Exchange

Not sure if anyone else has run into this issue with the docked menu tree not being visible. I have the latest Ignition Edge version (8.1.26) and imported the Perspective Menu Navigation Project from Exchange.

Below is a snippet of the Perspective Session after importing the project from Exchange (Docked Menu Tree not visible):

I searched high and low trying to solve this and decided to remove the following from stylesheet.css:

.docked-view-left {
	width: auto !important;

Once that was removed, the menu tree was visible:

I am posting this just in case it helps someone else in the future and to confirm my action was suitable.



Well, that doesn't look like something built-in. Did you add that yourself and forgot about it ?


Oh boy. Thanks for helping jog my memory. It is an artifact from another import from the Exchange.