Docked window is shifted within screen when openWindow cmd r

Hi, Ignition team!

Upgraded Ignition from 7.5 to the latest 7.6 build recently. There is a problem with docked windows. Let me try to explain.

Screen is divided into several parts. In the center we have a main window, on the left from that is one docked window and SOMETIMES there is a need for docked window on the bottom. We use this bottom window for displaying alarms. When we need to specify the display path for displaying only part of the alarms, we use:
system.nav.openWindow(“Alarms/Alarm Status”, {“displayPath”:’’+pumplaTitle+’’})

On the 7.5 is was working flawlessly. Now, with 7.6 the window is opened with wrong position. It is not placed correctly. Shifted a little up/left or up/right. When i change the size of client window, the screen is redrawn and is ok.

Again: when openWindow command is received, the window is displayed with wrong coordinates/docking. When the Ignition Client window is refreshed, redrawn, screen is changed etc, the docked window on the bottom takes correct docking.

Any workarounds?
Thank you so much!

Fixed. It was a script behind.