Docked Window + non-docked window issue

I have a docked window on the right side (nav menu), when I open a window in the remaining area, IF it is not full height of the screen resolution the window does not open at 0,0, but lower see image. The project is started in full screen mode. I tested without the docked screen and it opens at 0,0.
The menu bar/Windows menu are turned off at the top (issues occurs when these are on also).
I tried loading the docked 1st or last, same issue.

#Code Start
#Code End

Using v8.01

This is a VISION screen…additional infomation

The new screen being opened also has a template object in it, which contains a template repeater.
If I remove that object, the screen opens at 0,0 fine.

Is the template repeater set to ‘Anchored’ layout mode, pinned to all sides? It looks like it’s not resizing to fill the available area because it’s attempting to maintain a particular aspect ratio.

The ENABLE LAYOUT property is False on the Template. I don’t see any property on the Template Repeater for that setting.

Not a property in the property editor - the actual layout settings of the Template Repeater component itself on the window it’s in:

The Template (on called screen) and Template repeater (in the template) are set as below


Okay, so the answer to my earlier question is no. Try changing the template repeater itself to ‘Anchored’, and attach those anchors to all four sides. Then the component will always fill all available space on the window.