Docked Window not resizing appropriately

I am trying to create a single project that can be displayed accurately on a 15.6" and 22" display. I have a docked window header, a docked window to the west, and a main window. The black is the background of the docked window header, the yellow is the background for the docked western window, and the grey is the main window background. From the screenshots, you'll notice that regardless of the size of the display the docked window header does not change its height and the docked western window does not change its width. This leaves a lot of blank space between the main window and the docked windows. I am not worried about the component layouts as much because I can fix that later for readability purposes. I just want to find out how to utilize that blank space. Also, it might be important to note that I originally designed for the 22" display and planned on using the layout setting to scale down to 15.6".

You are going to struggle to get absolutely all dead space to fill in my experience. Your best bet is to play with the dimensions/ratio and get the window size as close as possible to the size it will be in runtime (if your dimensions are 1920x1080, take out your size for the docked views from the main window size so you end up with 1010x1000 if your docked windows are 910 and 80) That will give you the quickest results without a ton of headache and skewing components later on. That said, if your 2 display sizes are not the same aspect ratio, that won't work very well either. It has been a hot minute since I have messed with the layout settings, so it is possible there is a better way.

I appreciate your advice. I ended up setting both docked windows to have a relative layout (unchecked maintain aspect ratio and scale font). This allowed the docked windows to fill up the entirety of their respective windows regardless of which display I was using. Overall, its not the best fix but it does look much better than what I had before. If anyone else runs across this issue and finds a better solution, let me know. Thanks!