Docked window to popup window

Is there a way to have a docked window work with a popup window? I’m playing with the dock index but it’s not doing what I want.

My situation is that I have a graph popup with a ton of configuration options, but the options take up a lot of screen real estate. I’d like the user to be able to hide them and have the graph take up the full window. Additionally I would like the user to be able to move and resize the popup, and I don’t want to go through the trouble of scripting all of the graph resizing manually.

I would put a container on the window that holds all of the configuration, then just show/hide it based on a button.

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I tried that, but the easy chart doesn’t resize when the container is hidden. Is there a way to resize the easy chart component dynamically? The user can resize the window so the size of the easy chart wouldn’t be static.

Don’t put the chart in the container and make it full screen.
Put the configuration options in the container, then show/hide it above the chart.
Make sure the container is all the way to the front layer wise.

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Well that just covers up part of the graph with the config options, it didn’t resize it. I thought I saw that component resizing somewhere before.

Set the chart to anchored layout, locked to all four sides. With the rest of @MMaynard’s suggestions.

that’s what i’ve done, the chart size doesn’t change?

Is the chart in a container? If so, you need it to be anchored on all four sides, too.

ok sorry for the late reply I got busy with a bunch of stuff for a while there.

so here is everything I am doing from scratch: