Docker configuration for UnRaid OS

Having issues getting data persistence to work using the volume tags in an UnRaid operation system. The information in the Ignition Manual - Docker (Docker Image - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation) under the section Preserving Gateway State' was insufficient for a path configuration in the UnRaid Docker setup.

My best guess per this screenshot

Has someone succeeded with making Ignition data persistence to work in UnRaid?

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My guess is that you're running into issues with the initial files under the data folder getting "stomped" by the bind-mount. For the moment, you might try using kcollins/ignition image that has a built-in alternative mount path (/data) that will copy the initial content from the data volume into place during first-launch.

Past that, keep in mind that there may be permissions issues with the volume you're mounting--you can align the UID/GIDs being used with the IGNITION_UID and IGNITION_GID environment variables (to match what you might need on that preserved volume, i.e. /mnt/user/appdata/ignition/data in your example).

Has anyone worked this out? Trying to get the container running in Unraid and having the same issues as the original poster with non-persistent data