Docker Image for Maker Edition

For those of you interested in leveraging Maker Edition under Docker, I’ve updated my kcollins/ignition image with full support for Maker Edition (along with Full and Edge from before)! If you haven’t checked it out before, there’s no better time to get started with Docker and Ignition. Here are some useful links for everyone to check out (feedback welcomed as well either via GitHub issues (preferably) or e-mail!):

I am really excited about what is coming with the broader exposure this is certain to gather. Great job Inductive Automation! :sunglasses:

Happy Coding, all!

Kevin C.


Hi Kevin . thanks a lot for your efforts which support ignition’s community .
could you please do one live stream on your Chanel to the beginner in docker which means how to run ignition docker image in pc (windidow, linux, mac)? .
how to run and connect different ignition image together? .
thanks ,

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Hi Kevin,
Thank you so much for your efforts with a docker image for Ignition.
We have just recently started to make use of it and oh boy it is cool!

I am sitting in Europe and want to edit the timezone on the gateway running in the Docker container. How would I do that? Is there an environment variable for this or is there some other way to do this?



You should set thet TZ variable to Europe/Brussels (or some other city).

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To augment @Sanderd17 correct suggestion on the TZ environment variable, draw from this listing of TZ Database Names here:

Thank you both!

MQTT stops. Requires demo reset.

I have Cirrus Link MQTT installed as instructed. It is running however I can only connect to it when I reset the demo. Everything else seams to be running. It shows the license status as valid but stops communicating after two hours. Tried it with both Sparkplug B and generic MQTT with no success. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? Is 3rd party MQTT not covered under Maker edition licence?

I have Maker/Dock running on my Synology NAS. This awsome! Thanks Kevin for building this Docker image. Also running NodeRed and Mosquitto in a Docker plus Maria DB locally. It makes for a great home automation platform with RAID redundancy. Why not since it is already running 24/7. Not sure what to do with my Raspberry PI now!

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