Docker Instance Sign-in

I have several ignition gateways running on the same linux machine in their own docker containers. Everything is working well and I can connect to the different ports of the same IP address and connect to each individual gateway. The only oddity is that when I sign into the gateway in one instance then the user in another instance automatically gets logged out. It's not a massive deal but I'm confused about why ignition gateways running in their own container are interfering with each other.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Same hostname, same cookie, unfortunately.

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You can make unique hostnames in /etc/hosts that all point at if you don't want to stand up any special DNS tools.

In one of the Docker training presentations, I remember @kcollins1 had a domain that would just resolve every name you threw at it as for convenience. I can't find it right now.

It may be the one he mentions in the post I linked,

It was the other one earlier in that thread: * :stuck_out_tongue:

I've found more and more systems offering native local resolution of *.localhost names, so that might be an option too, albeit possibly less universal.

Thanks Kevin - really was that simple huh??? I've been staring at the docker_compose.yml file for ages hahahaha