Docker on NAS Synology and ignition 8.1.26


I use docker on a Synology NAS for my developments. I managed to get it working up to ignition version 8.1.24 and I'm very happy with it.
I saw via "blog/product update" the news on security concerning docker and version 8.1.26 and I took note of the modification of the documentation: Docker images.

I manage to do it with my desktop docker without any problem but I don't know how to enter the command "--user 0:0" with the GUI of the docker application on the NAS. No worries about environment variables ( -e IGNITION_UID=2003 -e IGNITION_GID=2003), it's easy with the GUI.

Thank you for your help.

Sometimes the easiest thing is to just use the terminal, docker desktop does come with the CLI and the commands are given in anything that concernes docker, including ignition's tutorials/doc. You can just copy paste them.

To answer the question concerning the GUI: No idea. I find it more complicated than the CLI, and I use it only to start/stop containers/composed environments that have already been set up.

It's true that I'm bored with the NAS interface and I didn't even think of using a command line directly to configure my containers!!! I don't know why I thought it was impossible to access it from the command line !!!

I run a relatively powerful Synology at home and started using Ignition and other packages on Docker. Synology's built in Docker admin panel is functional for simple packages but is frustrating to use compared to Docker Compose, Docker Desktop, etc. So I ended up moving certain Docker containers including Ignition Maker to another home server.

If anyone knows how to use better tooling with Docker on Synology (Docker Compose, for example) I'm curious to hear.